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Alan Josephson

Alan Josephson

Introducing Alan Josephson as Bridge of Sighs lead Guitarist.

Alan grew-up in Los Altos, CA and has been playing guitar since the age of 7, back in the heyday of Robin Trower’s early music.

A dedicated fan of classic and blues-oriented rock, Alan was drawn to the Fender Stratocaster through the music of Hendrix, Trower, Vaughan, and so many others. He has fronted many bands in the past, including tributes to Iron Maiden, Journey, Styx, Boston, and UFO .. as well as his instrumental tribute to more modern guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and Eric Johnson.

Now a recent transplant in the DFW area (and proud new Texan), he is faithfully re-creating the sound and style of Robin Trower with “Bridge of Sighs”.

Jimmy Blanton

Jimmie Blanton

Jimmie Blanton, a highly skilled bassist, vocalist, and multi instrumentalist, is a longtime veteran of professional live performance and studio recording. Over Jimmie’s career he has enjoyed opening, in support acts, for renown artists such as Joe Walsh, Genn Frey, America, Stephen Stills, Procol Harum, Jethrow Tull, Ringo Star, Mick Fleetwood, The Doobie Brothers, Foreigner, Boston, 38 Special, and Spirit, as well as playing the welcoming ceremonies on live world broadcast coverage of World Cup 94′ USA. Jimmie is currently the vocalist and bassist for the Robin Trower tribute band Bridge Of Sighs and always brings top notch performance to shows and events of all sizes.

Tom Chaney

Thomas Chaney

Drums and cowbell

Out of East Texas who got a snare drum for Christmas at age 11 played professionally for a while out of High School with bands like All Fingers band. He tells people he didn’t own a stick for 27 years while trying to make his first wife happy and then the All Fingers band reunited in 2007. So he rediscovered his first love, bought a drum set, broke the rust off and in 2010 moved to Austin to play with Robert Johnson’s Soul. While there he was asked to be a founding member of Bridge of Sighs MK I.

They did 1 gig in SATX 9/3/2011 and continued to receive likes and views on Facebook page ever since.

Back in Dallas he joined Bad Moon Rising a CCR tribute band, Sabrina and Gypsy Bleu plus plays often with the Mike Castleberry and members of original All Fingers band.

As an original member / drummer of Bridge of Sighs he found Taylor Newman that loved Robin Trower’s music and style and decided to RE-form BOS. Jimmie Blanton heard they were auditioning singers for the soul singing voice that James Dewar brought to the Robin Trower sound and just so happens he could play a mean bass guitar. Jimmie passed the audition and the rest is history or the beginning of Bridge of Sighs MK II.

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