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Tribute to Trower

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Bridge of Sighs: a Tribute to Robin Trower

BOS has been RE-Formed as in some new members and booking gigs again:
Now based out of Dallas, TX ready for your Rock tribute memory pleasure
  • Alan Josephson – Lead Guitar and Vocals
  • Jimmie Blanton – Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals
  • Thomas Chaney – Drums and original member
We want to give props to the original line up of;
Rich Zielin, Dan Corona, Thomas Chaney and Eddie Mendoza

We are proud to bring to your our tribute show based upon the songs of Robin Trower. We named the band after Robin Trower’s most famous 1974 album named Bridge of Sighs. This album, along with his first (Twice Removed From Yesterday) and third (For Earth Below) albums, was produced by his former Procol Harum bandmate, organist Matthew Fisher. Trower’s early power trio work was noted for Hendrixesque influences.



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